Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Aric and I aren't exactly extravagant people. Well, maybe we are in our tastes, we just don't live the life. We are reverse posers basically. Un-posers? Anyway, needless to say I was shocked when Aric came home one night and said that he was taking me to D.C. for the weekend and that I got to help him pick out a fancy hotel.

I am a HUGE hotel design nerd, a.k.a. Aric sometimes has to sit through hours of me looking though photos on boutique hotels websites while I 'ooh' and 'ah' and sometimes critique their design choices. I guess that just comes with the territory of being an interior designer's daughter.

We finally decided on Donovan House hotel because of it's great location, yummy looking in-house restaurant (which we actually never ate at.), it's modern/zen atmosphere, and it's crazy looking space-aged spiral shower. Okay, I'll be honest, it was mostly for the shower.

Donovan House was great. The front desk staff was friendly and helpful, and they really took care of us well. Unfortunately D.C. had just had a snowstorm so some of their reservations got backed up, and that coupled with the fact that half of their rooms were undergoing renovations meant that although we arrived at 11:30 for an early check in we weren't able to get into our room until 5:30.

Thankfully though they held our bags for us so we could go out and explore without having to tote those around, and they were nice enough to give us some vouchers for breakfast then next morning and were incredibly apologetic about it. Speaking of, the staff told us we were the nicest people they had handled all day, which made me sad because I felt like even we were being grumpy. As a girl who works in the service industry though I can understand this. I'd say 50% of the people I deal with at work are just plain mean and rude. What is wrong with people today? Do they not understand how to be human anymore because they are so used to instant gratification? (Okay, end mini-rant)

While we were waiting we walked over to the White House for some typical touristy photos and then headed to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, which neither of us had ever seen. (It's amazing, by the way.) When we finally made it back to the hotel we didn't have long to wait until we were in our room.

Oh the room. Let me just say, I highly recommend Donovan House to anyone who wants to go on a trip and splurge a little. The room was amazing and incredibly comfortable, and being on the 11th floor we had a pretty amazing view of D.C. The rest of our trip was mostly just relaxing and hanging out together, but on Sunday before checkout we walked a few blocks over to Shop House, which is an Southeast Asian bistro by the creator of Chipotle.

Let me just say, oh my goodness. I fancy myself quite the Asian food connoisseur and I was a little wary about this seeing as how the only "fast food" Asian restaurant I like is Thai Express (in Canada), but wow. I was happily surprised! It was delicious! (Especially the chicken meatballs) I highly suggest going to one if their is a location near you!

Alright Space Cadets, click below to see more photos after the jump!

(Silent Hill anybody?)


 (See?? Gorgeous room, am I right?)


These two Metro photos are tradition for us.

Well, Cosmonauts, that's it for now.

See you in the future!

Ashe + Aric

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  1. First, Love the photos! I wanna go on adventures with you two! I miss DC in the fall and winter!
    Second, I appreciate your mini rant about people's rudeness. It's a clear observation that so few people take the time to pay mind to. Just been thinking about time lately. Time is relative only to us humans on earth. Time holds no weight in forever. I think its funny that human kind and America in general puts so much weight on time and it runs our lives. Really makes my brain start reeling when I think about time and what it means in the context of different cultures, seasons, and environment. So yes I agree people are spoiled with instant gratification that they loose sight of the beauty behind the time it takes to perfect something, or make something complete. Doug Miller always said: "You can pick two of the three in life: Quick/Fast, Cheap, or Good." So true in most cases these days. Anywho, there's my little rant. Love you Asheeee! <3