Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blue Ridge Mountains Travelogue // Starscapes Blog

Well! We are back from them there mountains! (Sorry, had to.)

This was my second time visiting the cabin, and also my second time visiting in Winter. Aric and his family have been coming up here at least once a year since he was 4. (21 years! Wow!) This year was far colder than last time.

Once again the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed due to snow so we had to make the cold and windy 3.4 mile trek in. (3 mi. on the Parkway, .4mi through the forest on a trail.) We arrived around 9:30pm and it took us about 45minutes to get everything situated (gear on, packs on, food and such harnessed to toboggans) and then we headed out.

It was around 8 degrees out, plus there was a lovely (or not.) wind-chill situation going on. I spent a good fifteen minutes of the hike complaining to Air that I was getting frostbite and my fingers and toes were going to fall off. (Guess who dressed much warmer on the way back?) Though, just like last year, I got so distracted by stars and the delightful crunch crunch of our boots in the snow that the walk went by quickly. Though I'd be lying to say if I didn't practically cry tears of joy at the sight of the cabin and the outhouse.

The next morning we set right to work chopping wood to replenish the wood pile outside, and guys, this is a big deal, I was actually able to chop wood!! (It's a miracle!) Unfortunately it was too cold to do any real exploring like we had planned on, but we made a fire outside and had fun playing target practice with Aric's blowgun.

We all turned into the cabin pretty early thanks to an unexpected snowfall. We battened down the hatches, cooked, and played the Worst Case Survival game which was pretty hysterical, just for the record. Though, pretty much everything with these guys is hysterical.

We didn't want to leave, per usual. Weekends like this just make me want to quit my job, sell everything I have and move to the middle of nowhere. Ahh... one day, one day.

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Well that's all for now cosmonauts.
See you in the future.
Ashe + Aric


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